We’ll Never Wound This Earth!

we will never wound this earth chinglish

This photo was taken in a park in Shunde, Guangdong, China.

The Chinese with it Mandarin Pinyin is below

尊敬的市民: zun1 jing4 de5 shi4 min2:
请爱护公物 qing3 ai4 hu4 gong1 wu4
We’ll never wound this Earth!
珍惜资源 zhen1 xi1 zi1 yuan2

My translation of the Chinglish sign is below

Respectful city people:
Please cherish public property
We’ll never wound this Earth!
Treasure natural resources

I do find this sign quite funny.

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Bread Flavour Bread Picture

bread flavour bread in China

bread flavour bread in China 2

I took pictures of this food yesterday on 12 March 2015. I find the name of the food to be quite hilarious. Bread flavor bread!??? The pictures were taken in a city in Guangdong, China. In addition, the other writing on the packaging is funny too. The writing says:
May the breeze bring you the tenderness and warmth from me Far from each other we may be. Yet still you are here, At the bottom of my heat.

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