Mandarinportal Chinglish Now Up!!!

I am excited to say that is now up. It has been a goal of mine for some time to create this. I have taken many Chinglish photos during my time in Greater China. I have a passion for Chinglish, and usually find them hilarious. I hope you all will enjoy the many Chinglish pictures that I post in the future.

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2 thoughts on “Mandarinportal Chinglish Now Up!!!”

  1. Congratulations for the work ! Not so many Chinglish pictures, you could add more, people love pictures.
    I know China, my wife is Chinese, and appreciate your work. I have been learning Chinese also for few years, but I live now in France, making it difficult, even of course if my wife help me a lot.
    For now i understand when Chinese care to speak slowly good Chinese, but I find it very difficult to understand normal discussions or movies. I try to find simple movies with English subtitles, i hope this would help.
    All the best.

    1. Hi. Thanks very much for the comment. Sorry for the long delay. It’s good that you continue to learn Chinese. I also know it is hard to learn it when you are not around it all the time. But certainly having a native speaker as a wife is very helpful. Also, maybe you could find a local Chinese language exchange group or a Confucius Institute to practice. I was in Paris fairly recently, and noticed a lot of Chinese restaurants. I think Paris has a relatively large ethnic Chinese population, so hopefully it wouldn’t be too hard to practice.

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